Thursday, January 24, 2013

OLED Display for PSCockpit System

 Yihaw ! Display driver for the 256x64 OLED driver already implemented: Yihaw !


Sunday, January 13, 2013


Time to launch second run of the PSCockpit PCB´s with the new additional analogue board for rotaries!!!

For people who don’t know the system, the PSCockpit system has been developed with the following objectives:
- One stop hardware and software for cockpit systems. Once the cockpit is connected you can configure the software individually for each sim.
- Easy configuration and setup for people with out electronic knowledge.
- Avoid excessive wiring runs along the cockpit: The system uses small satellite PCB’s that can be distributed along the cockpit. The communication between these satellite PCB’s and the Main PCB is done with only 2 wires (I2C protocol) plus the power cables. These wires can be connected in daisy chain. The idea is to wire each of the cockpit panels to only one satellite PCB.

For more information about the system, please look at the following links:
- PSCockpit firs run post:
- PSCockpit Quick Guide:
- PSCockpit distribution example:
- All "How to's" in a row at

The prices of the PCB’s already mounted and tested are the following:
- Main PCB: 60 €
- Digital expander for 40 inputs/outputs: 33 €
- Digital expander 16 inputs/outputs: 10 €
- Steppers/Other voltage outputs pcb: 28 €
- 7 segment displays pcb for 6 displays: 18 €
- Analogue pcb for 4 inputs/ 1 output: 20 €
- Yellow OLED display (85mm x 40mm), 256x64 for DED: 55 €
- Shipments: 15€ / 25€ depending on the total weight order

Time Line
- The run will be cancelled if there are less than 10 people.
- Orders will be accepted until Feb. 3rd.
- Payments to be done since there are 10 people until Feb. 10th. Sorry for the inconvenience but only direct bank transfers will be accepted.
- Deliveries: 4-5 weeks from the end of the run.

Complete Panels
If you don’t care to have real pushbuttons, switches and leds in you panels, I can provide you with low cost panels, already wired, configured, tested and ready for backlight alone with the PSCockpit system:

For prices and delivery dates for the panels, please send me a PM with your requirements.