Monday, March 11, 2013

HOW TO Install your 256x64 OLED Display into the DED box

The box I have selected is from Hammond Manufacturing, part number 1598ABK. It comes with two detachable front and rear aluminium plates:

To fit the display into the box we have to disassemble the OLED display, make some modifications of the OLED pcb and make some adjustment in the box.
Please follow the follow the steps carefully:

1. Unbend the 4 little flanges of the aluminium frame of the OLED display

2. Detach the aluminium frame from the pcb and then detach the crystal from the aluminium frame by pressing carefully the crystal from both ends. There is also a plastic protector attached to the crystal and frame. Remove it from the frame and stick it again to the OLED crystal:

3. Remove the crystal ribbon from the pcb by gently pushing out the two flanges of the connector:

4. Now, if you try to insert the crystal into the front groove of the box, you will notice that the crystal doesn’t enter smoothly. The groove of the box has to be enlarged a little with a cutter. Also the little strips of the internal face of the box have to be removed. The modifications of the grooves have to be done in both parts of the box while the strips can be removed in only one part of the box.

5. Now the crystal can be inserted in the box:

6. To allow the OLED display pcb get inside the box, cut the bottom side of the PCB wich has no copper nor elements and reduce a little the sides of the pcb with the sandpaper:

7. Attach again the crystal to the pcb. The little chip of the ribbon has to be on top:

8. Place the crystal and the pcb in the box:

9. Close the box carefully with the top part:

You can even reuse the aluminium frame with some modification:

Coming soon……. connecting the OLED display. :taz:

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